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I am always happy to help a fellow Scrum enthusiast.

The exam itself is 80 questions and 60 minutes and you only get one try per purchase code. You have to score 85% to pass it. It’s multiple-choice, multiple answers, and true/false. Some questions are written to make you think. There may be a few answers that seem right, so make sure you read the questions and pick the best answer out of the set. PSM-I is definitely a more challenging exam than CSM (but in a good way).

The best way to see if you are ready is to try out some practice exams. has practice assessments for most of its level 1 exams and there are a few other sites out there.

Here are the books/exams that I like…

Read the Scrum guide a couple of times and make sure you understand each element very well, The Scrum Guide

Read Gunther Verheyen’s blogposts Start Assessment

Mikhail Lapshin: Scrum Quizzes

The last thing I will throw out there is a reference to the learning paths. Scrum Master learning path as an example: Scrum Master Learning Path. They offer up some great materials, blogs, videos, etc. to support each learning path. Definitely worth spending some time on these.

I hope this helps! If there’s anything else I can help you with, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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