AGILE SCRUM interview questions and answers — Part 3

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State about scrum Ceremonies

1. Sprint Planning
2. Daily Scrum
3. Sprint Review
4. Sprint Retrospective

What are the main role in Scrum ?

Product Owner: Prioritizes the list of product backlogs which scrum team should finish and release.
Scrum Master: Acts as a facilitator to the scrum development team and responsible for managing the sprint
Scrum Team: A cross-functional, self-organizing group of dedicated people.

How you handle continuous requirement change in Agile?

1. Working closely with the product owner to understand the scope of requirement change.
2. Negotiate to keep the requirement changes to a minimum or to adopt those changes in the next sprint.
3. Update the test plan and test cases to achieve the timelines.
4. Understand the risks in the requirements change and prepare a contingency plan.
5. Not to go for automation unit requirements are finalized.

Explain how you are following the Scrum framework in your project?

1. Product owner owns the product backlog
2. Product backlog has multiple user stories
3. Each user story holds story points
4. Sprint planning session {How to deliver the sprint}
5. Daily scrum meeting to plan activity for the day
6. Scrum Board represent the work done and work that needed to be done
7. Scrum Master manages work done in each sprint
8. Sprint review meeting
9. Sprint retrospective meeting
10. UAT and Testing
11. UAT successful
12. Deployed to Production

How you are performing testing in Agile?

1. Finalized the sprint task from Sprint Backlog
2. Starts user story analysis
3. Prepare plan and estimates
4. Start test design and schedule a review
5. Verify the environment set up
6. Proceed with test execution
7. Report the defects and retest after getting a fix
8. Initiate regression tests
9. Provide Sign off and handover to UAT
10. Support the UAT validation
11. Go Live

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