AGILE SCRUM interview questions and answers — Part 2

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What is the story Point in Scrum?

Estimation is given by Scrum Team (Dev + Tester) for the specific story.
Story point = Development efforts + Testing Efforts + Resolving Dependencies + other Impediments

What is Sprint in Scrum?

1. Sprint is a potentially shippable product.
2. Each sprint has a specified timeline (2 weeks to 1 month)
3. Sprints have user stories, task, sub task and bug.

What are the characteristics of Sprint?

1. It should be measurable (properly timeboxed)
2. It should be shippable
3. It should serve the business purpose.

What is the difference between Epic, User Stories and Task?

Epic: Group of related user stories
User Stories : Defines the actual Business Requirement
Task : To accomplish the business requirements, development team create task.

How you show the progress that agile team is making to complete the sprint ?

Using task board in project management tool:
User Stories tells actual business requirement
TO DO tells tasks of the current sprint
IN Progress tells on going task
To Verify/Resolved tells Pending tasks to be verified
Done tells completed tasks

What is the difference between Burn Up and Burn Down Chart ?

Burn Up Chart: Shows amount of work completed
Burn Down Chart: Shows amount of work to be completed

Can length of the sprint be changed in project?

The call is depend upon Product Owner and Scrum Master It can be based upon the industry and domain as well.

What is the release candidate in Scrum?

Production shippable version of a software is called Release Candidate.

In what kind of projects Agile methodology is best suited.

1. When the client is not clear on requirements.
2. When the client is expect a quick release.
3. Complex and bigger project.

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