AGILE SCRUM interview questions and answers — Part 1

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What are your roles & responsibilities in the Agile Scrum project?

1. Finalize the activity that needs to be performed in Sprint Zero.
2. Participate in the estimation of user stories.
3. Attend the daily stand up meeting & update the team about task done & task that is needed to be done today.
4. Work with Scrum Master & Product owner to support sprint review meeting.

What are the artifacts of the AGILE scrum?

Product Back Logs: Prepared by product owner & contains requirements from the customer
Sprint Back Logs: A list of tasks identified by the Scrum team to be completed during the sprint
Product Increment: Sum of all the Product Backlog items completed during the current sprint

Tell me about your Scrum Team?

1. <no.> product owner who helps us to finalize the items for the Sprint
2. <no.> Scrum master who is responsible for managing the sprint
3. <no.> Developers helps in developing the software
4. <no.> Test Developers helps in developing a test for software

How you estimate User stories in your Agile project? *

We are using planning poker estimation techniques to estimate a User Story. The values that we are choosing for estimation is using Fibonacci Sequence (i.e 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89… etc)

You are in the middle of a sprint & suddenly the product owner comes with a new requirement, what will you do?

1. Have a discussion with the Scrum master
2. If it’s having critical business value then include it in the ongoing sprint
3. Highlight the IMPACT & RISK on the ongoing testing efforts
4. If it’s not having higher business values, push it to the next sprint

How you verify that the user story is CLOSED in your Scrum Project?

1. All the development & testing related activities are completed
2. Scrum Team provides the Demo to Product owner
3. NO business-impacting Defect is Active
4. Automation Suite has been run with No issue
5. Test DeVos provides the Signoff

What’s the difference between Definition of Ready & Definition of Done?

Definition of Ready
1. User Story is clear
2. User story dependencies identified
3. A person who will accept the user story is identified
Definition of Done
1. Builds without error
2. Unit test is written and passed
3. Peer-reviewed & meeting development standards

What are drawbacks of using Scrum ?

1. Scrum master to plan, organize & structure
2. Frequent Strand up & review meetings
3. Frequent change in the application under test
4. Team members needs to be dedicate themselves

Are agile & scrum same ?

Agile: Set of Methods & practices based on the values & principles in Agile Manifesto
Scrum: Framework that is used to implement Agile development

When to NOT use scrum ?

1. When requirements are not evolving much
2. Organization is not willing to adopt scrum
3. Does not go well with huge groups

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